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spore-bearing, they were destroyed upon entering the digestive tract by the hydro-
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edition has been brought fully up to date, and no student
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TNFLAMMATION of the membrane lining the cavities of the heart, or
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The Chemical Philosophy in Remedy. By Hugh Hamilton, M. Sc,
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The history of former periods, even the most remote,
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is secreted on so many points, the cuticle is separated too exten-
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It is generally conceded amongst histologists that the
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Sciences awarded their prize for antitoxin jointly to Behring and
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had recovered satisfactorily. The seventy-six other patients
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that a similar society exists in this city, under the modest
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to distension and pressure. The cause may be general weak-
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mental condition. Some may perhaps be inclined to regard this
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Passed Holmgren's test without touching a confusion colour.
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the public brings us up a harvest of contempt instead of
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Lock, Clinical Demonstration and Operations, 1 p.m. —
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tion is altogether unsatisfactory, and the practical
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the advantage of every physician to have this whole Library at hand, ihe volumes are sold
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rather as literary productions than as scientific teachings.
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aiid salutary arrangement that the de- dard of qualification ought to be re-
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great destruction of parts, and spreading in all directions —
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7. How would you treat a patient, age 6, for acidosis that developed in 24 hours
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ment during life, and there are cases in which the bone-marrow alone is
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through its Commissioner of Food and Drugs released the
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has not as yet been successfully applied to them. (Fig. 11.)
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more especially in hyperchlorhydria, brown bread, cooked or uncooked
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principle "i'.r pede Htrcnlem," some samples were given and
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possiljle. Half an inch posterior to its front margin are
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author has never seen hemoglobinuria after this treatment, and only once
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With rcsi^cct to the pathology and causation, nothing is to be addctl
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tongue dry: had been treated with tinct. iodine applied

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