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or only the umbilical cord left. Such cases had usually been considered
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quently no local disease can be found, and we are obliged to speak
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Parasites des fievres palustres. C. r. de la societe de biologic 1892, No. 34. De
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must be evident, if the first steps of the process are
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found in a municipal hospital. The mere presence of a trace of
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American Medical Books. — It is a matter of surprise that more medical
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she said nothing about this for fear she might be kept longer in
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The following guest editorials by sophomore medical
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Feay, (with encl.,) Dr. J. A. Wolf, Dr. A. G. Walter: R. J., Dr.
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21. Barth (see Note 18) states that he found some isolated islands of young
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fltooping over, as to button the shoe or in any act of straining, as at
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While changes occur in connection with the blood-vessels in a certain
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instead there was a structureless mass. In some places
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chitinous wall, the fulcrum. The oesophagus runs into the thorax, where it
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upper surface of the cerebrum, seemingly in the subarachnoid fluid;
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the aorta, and shortens and displaces the internal jug-
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course, location, degree and probable duration, are properties which
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less state, which may be mistaken for insensibility or even unconscious-
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reflex movements are increased in the initial period , and disappear later ;
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peared. The gelatin stab cultures grew slowly, sending out
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cher^t or burst." There was a loud systolic murmur ex-
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mature, and high-bred delicate races (Berkshire, Essex, Suffolk,
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the anterior pait of the chiasma is mainly involved ; homonymous
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autolysis no longer restrained by anti-enzyme of the exuded fluid.
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gan to intei niit), and vomiting, alihougli abated, had not ceased,
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