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of the middle ear wastheonly portion of the extensive irregular

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They divided pleuritic effusions into two classes, the purulent and the

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treatment but it is usually necessary to give as many as 3 treatments,

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put at rest as regards cancer, A mouth-wash of sodium hyposulphite

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on the affected side, but had never been completely success-

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could not understand if constitutional differences had anything to do

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weak and do not sleep well. Petechia occasionally occur. There

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tine, 322; Quarantine Procedures, 326; The Bill of Health, 327;

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he is conscious of the approach of these paroxysms, in

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Morphology.^It is about 9 meti-es in length, with some 3,000 to 4,20o seg-

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The muscular layer of the anterior abdominal wall is not

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Dyer's remarks, lor jHacid reatX _fiaccid. On page 215, first column,

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there may at the same time be a butterfly form on the cheeks and

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S/74 Segmental Infarction of the Greater Omentum, by David E. Beltz,

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" ' Chemistry ' should include a knowledge of the principles

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in the individual or his family; the most common of

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lingham Smith : Walter George Spencer, London ; J. Bland Sutton, London ;

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crural vein below Poupart's ligament. He says that abdominal pressure

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surfaces of each lateral portion of the spinal marrow, so that

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» Dubl. Quart. Jour., Vol ix., p. 1. b Anat. Pathol., 1862, t. iv., p. 321.

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serum since that time has given a negative Wassermann test.

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On page 37, line 15, 8 jiet is from the older copy.

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riable rule, out of the question. But it will often occur, when the condi-

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consisted in the administration of salicylate of soda in

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I have cured three patients, and owing to the precautions taken (incessant

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mer in particular. In this way the Commissioners of Health

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concomitant use with MAOls or within 14 days of monoamine oxidase inhibitors (then initiate

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the entire mucous membrane, from immediately above the

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