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the skin, and left there for five minutes. In some cases the use of the constant

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then the onus of watching for this danger signal rests upon the

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publication, and ordered that it should be copied into the Secretary's book.

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aqueous solution of fuchsin is photo-electric while the alco-

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standing or attempting to walk he was ot)!iged to hold on to

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Instructor in Surgery, University of Bishop's College ; Assistant Surgeon, Western Hospital.

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means always the case. It was noticed repeatedly in

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Scott, Harry L. Homer, James A. Stevens, H. M. Fits-

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respiratory exercises can be inaugurated without causing local

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ally got on his crutches, and moved about, but never put any weight on

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and we believe some medical dictionaries have done the same, but the dis-

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formation of a National Health Council, or Department of

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firing it has been employed. If the case be very long

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make its publicity propaganda a leading feature, with

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Officers under the Board of Guardians, and occasionally

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intestinal bacteria, more especially the spirilla, and the results

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rified lard 4 lb, veal suet 1 lb, juice of cucumbers 3 lb ; melt

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When melted, it runs into a globule, semi-transparent, and of

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exactness as the chill in common intermittent fever. So far as

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and masturbation are the influential factors in the production of hysteria.

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cess of expansion, since the air which is used in the expansion is prac-

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intellectual work, and frequent chilling of the bod}-, especially the lower

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Sinus rhythm is noted. Classic changes are present for left atrial and left ventricular hypertrophy. The trace

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9,343,000 fr., of which 1,600,000 fr. have been expended in the

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cumulative action of the digitalis, and second because of the therapeutic

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Initially the rate of growth of the tumors receiving x-rays was also

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Falsely charged, we shall repel the abuse with becoming indignation ;

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what is really advantageous, and a desire to cultivate the spirit of ge-

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