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trized, while the tubercular exudations on the left side were converted
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been found in In^ih the caudatt and Unticular nuclei, and vet
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cal Journal, vol. v., 1850 ; also, Report of the New York Metropolitan Board of
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mus and prolapse of the rectum three weeks after dis-
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foot out of the way of the hind foot. To do this, keep the toe
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from recoil. It is for this reason that, observing the heart in situ, the ventricles
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they picked out from a number presenting themselves for treat-
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of an inch of the margin of the cornea — -steadying and turn-
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already severe enough, had been increased by the prevalence of
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" I" ■'' ^il"" -I time .1, p,,-MMe'. tllrll ^1,,. ,.
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erable number of physicians who remained, that, as he ex-
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that lesions (especially hemorrhage and tumors) of parts ad-
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symptoms by which the disease is usually recognised
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deprellion or excitement of the living powers ;) and we appre-
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autumnal plasmodium, the administration of the drug cannot be delayed
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dinner. The return trip was arranged to get the members back to
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des collections i nkystees de la trompe par la dilatation
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especially marked in the youngest organisms and most marked at the
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introduced through the anus. I then enlarged the opening, and saw a large cavity filled
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and for the sake of illustration I pass round a rabbit,
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range of cases of minor disproportion. Hence it follows that
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Into this stagnant blood the fibrine ferment, produced by the
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and sometimes hemorrhagic extravasations occur in the mucosa. The
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there is for the chilil, provided the mother undergoes an active course
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origin, and to the fact that its gravity was often underrated at its com-
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directions. Remove the needle, massage the parts for a
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Offers exceptional opportunities for the treatment of
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Ulcers , usually of small size, are met wi_th o_n th3 valves, and present, on
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quite numerous and usually have significant characteris-

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