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lonnal circumstances, it is often accompanied by those of actbal inflam-

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and his labours ! In a new edition a rearrangement of the chapters may

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of the eye is not denied by any; that these affections are

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drawn down during .1 pain. At the same time the anterior head was pulled

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8 Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. xxxvi, p. 338.

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lent play in the fingers, and would make a satisfactory recovery.

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an effect to be produced. Is such an obliteration primitive or con-

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by all. The specific ferment sets up fermentation in this waste

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The following gentlenaen also, on the same day, passed their

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in four days would have perceptibly embarrassed his

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advanced, it is of the utmost importance that every diagnostic

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canal, and the obliteration of the sac. In my opinion

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texture; for in this texture are the superficial lymphatics generally

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his paper o;i " Common-Sense vs. Hypothetical Medica-

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table life, which are fully considered under their appropriate

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given credit for any part of the first year work which they have

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but I must confess that until I became familiar with

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day, which was presented by Dr. W. F. Robinson, of Albany,

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much of it uncooked, with his fingers, thereby affording an

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case report, Am. J. Obst. & Gynec. 76:539, 1958.

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case of uterine haemorrhage, and saved a patient's life by this means ;

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country around Los Angeles go to that city for treat-

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Canfield and Dr. Boyland, from the latter of whom we

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ing, the sensitized malarial plasmodium would be in order.

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of their life cycle especially of the free spores in the plasma, the de-

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time under treatment, when those on the side of the face first affected

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that a small dose can transform a lymphosarcoma, where a larger

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colleges were reprusented by delegates from faculty, or trnatees,

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more powerful than that of the right, the valves of that side take the

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hope and consolation, besides greatly adding to the ma-

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should strive to reach the heart of the matter — the real disease —

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