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six times, and says the existence of a double pupil is not annoying, and, if

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most part, by the utilization of laboratory procedures. This has

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dence of very extensive disease; at a short distance

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swelling gradually subsides and no serious effect is felt,

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culosis after a time again appears, ending in death ; bad,

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quite intelligent, fails to " take up " education in the ordinary way. The

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It is, at any rate, certain that clothes and bedding may become vehicles

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Bromide of Ammonia has lately been much recommended in cases

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mycosis fungoides. Similar nodules were also reported in cases of

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M. Paul Bert, his ancient rival in scientific discus-

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some connection between the nerves and vessels of the stomach and certain

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Like Mrs. TuUiver, our excellent professor seems to consider

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to a frreater or less extent, hydrophobic phenomena are simulatiHl. No-

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other form, may be used. The morphia combined with an

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however, destroyed the membrane and tissues of the uterus, and

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no danger from hemorrhage, very little pain, quick recovery

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everyone. The chairman of the committee ideals. Dr. McBrayer has alwavs sought the

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path, consequently I am not in a position to speak of its

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injected in thousands of healthy children as a preventive

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several times a day, preferably after eating. These drugs should be given

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heart, always excessive, was avigmented to violence upon any

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gested and practiced thorough and continuous irrigation of the

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and spirits free therefrom were given to animals with a

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to confine within the range of a definite appellation growths

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which give accurate information, extraction of foreign bodies

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mally in their power of resistance to agents causing necrosis. Under patho-

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the chronic or passive albuminuria blood-discs are either ab-

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was greatly relieved by the attending physician lancing the scrotum on

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dred to two thousand acres of grazing land, and rations

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illness an abscess formed and discharged in the situa-

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