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the men who made the Medical Society of North Carolina and are gone

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toms. During the month of August the j)atient became more sensitive to

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of leukocytes or than any other nuclei. This staining quality is very

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Hillsboro to *; C. E. Jjaudcr, Johnson Creek to Viroqua; W. H.

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drip; (b) the removal of fluid lying behind the detachment, by

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should then be, not to use all the traction that can be

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to infibulate, or confine the penis with bands and fetters, to preclude indul-

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were reported infrequently (less than 1%) with the order of present

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ful work on the part of its practitioners, but rather because

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Didgnosdc Findings of Yellow Fever post nurrtem. — The skin and

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" 4. This destruction of tissue is increased by the accelerated action of the

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saturated solution of picric acid (picric acid 3jss ; absolute alcohol 5iij ;

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half more may be exhibited. In the use of the enepidermic

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duce a more vivid pleasure. Several contiguous impressions

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treatment, changes are observed in the nuclei and in the proto-

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abrupt, but generally gradual ; flushings of heat are felt, the rigor ceases,

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in detail in the foregoing account, were worked out by the author of

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nosis and treatment of the malady and tend to the preserva-

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and the author's name should be attached to the back of

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head and eyes, due either to irritation or paralysis.

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patients were syphilitic. From a fourth case I removed a rhinolith, which

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the axillary wound I noted a reddish watery discharge

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was terrible. His skin and hia whole body were oold and covered

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or detecting its presence. If converted into aniline, another process will be

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great. The Illinois Medical Journal would then have a

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Throat in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and the College for

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trypanosomes and detached cells diminishes rapidly, and in the last

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ment push into it; break through this little outer shell

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which operation might have saved. He urged the perform-

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G;iz. d. hop.. Par., 1898, Ixxi, 452; 459.-Fclkiii (R. W.)

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trial, will compete with any which may be offered to the friends of the Botanic

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•character of the times in which he lived. " I had a good deal

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ten ; no report in twenty-three ; backache in one ; nausea

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