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Phenergan Prolonged Qt Interval

as you can ; and in a fever you can only employ patience
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is generally supposed to be the essential pathological condition leading to
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period, and in other cases the recurrences are extremely irregular. Some
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ginal Sanitary Facts," written for the use of the United
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prominently and persistently before the profession.
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direction occurs. By applying rotational motion it is possible to re-
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fluid extract of ergot" was ordered — same direc-
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modic cramps associated with flatulence ; and he is reported as having
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optical apparatus. It does not in any way consider the diseased conditions
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as of great importance. It is only in the broadest meaning that the
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and purging, — pulse weak and frequent, — severe rigors, — muscular twitchings
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our attention ; but even this frail support of his theories
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is given. Several successful operations have been performed
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the surface of the plate with a Drigalski spatula (a glass rod bent at a right angle).
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tirely too large, so that a great deal of trouble with dysi)n(Ba
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in Hopedale, but not in Mendon and Blackstone so far as I
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had left a blue line. They feared for the mother's reason,
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reapplied and she was again six weeks in bed, and it was some time
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No food has been found that appears to increase her weight,
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their relative frequency best. Thus, according to Saussier, in 131 cases of
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but with doses smaller than .17 to .2 gramme the effects
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the 29 autopsies reported since they were first described, there is a record
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the most frequent ; with none of these, however, did she pass any
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groups of medical practice which are developing in our
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of them and who is familiar with the laws of pathology,
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of the lung, taking the form of pneumonia, pleuritis, or
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demands more frequent examinations these shall be made in such
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no excess of urea was present (Wurtz and Berthelot, Potain). In the cases
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matous, &c. Sometimes an emetic was given, and in three cases blood was
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appears to us to-day, the Montpellier School of Medicine,
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attenuation of the lower limbs is remarkable. The thighs in particular
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I have ceased to use urethane as a hypnotic, as it is very uncertain
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announced the discovery of carbolic acid in coal-tar oil, and, for

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