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From these purely scientific investigations, so rude in comparison

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Alfaro (G.) Alguuas observaciones sobre la fiebre ti-

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region groups of enlarged and caseous glands may occur secondary as a

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liim more calm, with the promise of an early visit in the morning.

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curves that would retain particles of sour milk to contami-

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gold would cure these conditions, but it struck me as being a very pecul-

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who seeks to give instruction on these questions. That the author has failed

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ago, lie has followed his trade as a shoemaker; and in this

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ning upward for two or three inches. The entire mucous

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limestone ranges of Kentucky, and the sands and rocks of Algeria.

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his system most ready to receive it. The organ or tissue which offers

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from cattle with phthisis, 8 were infected ; and out of 15 fed

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sustaining the weight of the body, the power being repre-

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passages free ; os well open and dilatable ; would admit the hand if necessary ;

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late Benjamin Rush. Rush, he said, had been a true social re-

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refer to me, and I shall operate upon. A private letter from you

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adipose tissue. Hypertrophy of this tissue, or, in other words, increase

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applied to the tips of the ordinary hemostatic forceps

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currence of the disease, in the same individual, presented itself,

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If the paroxysm is very close at hand or has already broken out,

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more £Eivorable prognosis ; only a continued improvement of all the symp-

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gums), discoloration, bronzing of the skin, spongmess of the nails

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fairly well. But soon, some difficulty of breathing supervenes, com-

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moistening paper with pure alcohol : it must be used while

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gotten into the system. To obviate these and similar cavils,

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white pus. The puncture was at once enlarged both longitu-

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'-'7 t li'j)orts, lietiospectn, and Svimti/ic InttUiycnce.

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vately that he might have escaped censure by giving opium. Then

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