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Thomas Linn, 16, rue de la Paix. The last named to act as secretary.

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upon as separate and distinct diseases, but as their symptoms are very

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Medical Inspector C. J. Cleborne, promoted to Medical Direc-

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The discussion of this question was taken up at the

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This is a common affection, usually occurring after fifty years of

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The following course is for noncommissioned officers and candi-

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sensitive stage ; and yet many patients, where this acutely

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the most powerful action. This apparatus — which up to the

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nor can it be explained in the same way. It may be described as a

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monia. The throat appeared healthy. Four days before death hoarseness

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22rf. Patient, though rational, begins to fail in strength ; pulse more soft

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re-inoculation at some intervening period? It is known that the

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teflexion cases are the hardest to cure. I have had them return

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which, according to the Revision of 1880, was the quan-

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the miscarriage has had some pelvic trouble, and was treated by Dr.

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A great advantage of this cabinet is that it may be made to

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being real. A large squint would be no evidence, but the slighter the

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circumference of the bone, and perfect fat- vesicles were found in both bone and musde.

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it is not easy to convince the friends of the patient

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he found the spleen, to the extent of three-fourths of its volume, projecting

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uritating to the lungs; it produces headache, nausea, and a feeling of

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respirations natural. The month was slightly drawn to the left side. The right arm,

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hemorrhage. The ulceration sometimes extends from the

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pH and the same concentration of originally isoelectric gelatin have

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The experiments whicli were carried out by Antonius

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I have only a word to add ; in the cases I refer to I administered a hypo-

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September last, he received a fracture of the fibula,

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medical examiners composed of twelve members, whose duty it should

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cortex in which tactile and muscular sense impressions are stored. The

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„ „ , . r r ■ ■ "g them from entameba coli.

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on the economy of the bodv, as for instance in the thymus.

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spreading traumatic gangrene, &c. Any attempt to enter

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losis occurring from the specific serum developed. For the

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ings. The result of his commendable work showed that out

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