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the patient began to experience pain in the epigastric

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from the inspiration of medical communion and medical

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History. — Good historical accounts of the disease have been given by

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acid solution every night. Any one doing so may keep na-

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breast those defluxions (le mouvement fluxhnaire) which occur in

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as not to maeerate the already fragile epidermis. The parts should still

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membranes, upon superficial than deep-seated structures. Hunter

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thus taught to pay for what they consume. Second, such text- books as

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turbs the hepatic functions, but the disturbance is still more decided

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in this fibrous tissue. If you go on treating a case and it gets completely w^ell.

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proving to him that we were well versed in the subject.

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ties natural He had had " the venereal " six years before,

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at novelty, he professes only to be useful, by difl'using tliose phi-

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secretions obliterated the intestinal glands, causing

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ness. Bring the skin together carefully with Marcy's

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the above named purpose. The writer's own experience in its use is

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The present condition, aside from total blindness which soon

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ally irrigation should not be practised, I have used for

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cated fresh ))lastic exudation in the left pleural cavi-

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Ovarian cysts, sappnratfng, on the snrgtoal treatment of. By T. Holmes 217

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through and is able to picture to himself the effect that disturb-

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are specific : namely, the appearance of symptoms of tetanus after

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prepared and tested separately. I obtained these preparations by third,

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ralysis, or from the deposite of coagulable lymph, great impediments

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