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Terchloride of Gold was used twenty years ago by Dr.

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prolonged, I would advise the administration of a few

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ble fluctuations as regards the general and local symptoms. Not infrequently,

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accumulation of decomposing or decomposed animal and vegetable matter

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shire ; and Esses Thomas Williams. St Davids, Pembrokeshire, students

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distention of the colon from persistent irregularities of dietary, may

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Between the cutis and the fascia superficialis lies upon the

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few movement of the toes. This holds good for cases of functional

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meaning was clear : it was determined hy the operation of the Metropohtan

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Resolved. That the North Carolina Medical Society, in regular session

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Place in a light, well ventilated box stall, and give the best

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of respiration, as when access of air to the lungs is prevented by

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edge will not allow us to correctly interpret these effects and their com-

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lying with the end slightly bent, the distal portion pointing

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wool. If the feet are chiefly affected, it is important for

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That epizootic diseases originate independently of contagion

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nerves ; degeneration of the vagus in tabes dorsalis, polyneuritis,

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arrest ourselves for a moment and turn back again, to learn,

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urine still twisted ; waits before urination, but less ; still drib-

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tained by moderate application of the chemical rays. In

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the usual stimulus to peristalsis. Normally the stimulus is furnished

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means, etc. The prescription should be written in Latin, and the

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the sarcolemma were chiefly made on insects, and especially on

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Mr. B. Typhosis has engaged an high-spirited an:l good-looking house-fly for transportation purposes this

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micro-organisms. He paints the skin with Tar and follows with a

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ambar, with such extraordinary results that he expected

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