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juries at this level. In the only two cases in which the
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tion of the occurrence, severity and nnn'tality of diseases with the previous
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into the vagina, which it completely blocked up, occasioning retention of urine,
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thirst is considerable, and large quantities of nutritious fluids
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ten years, and which during life had attacks relating to
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should prevent ascites from being regarded as that condition; but a
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The Theory and Practice of Counter-irritation. By H.
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side by a sharply marked greenish border. Otherwise
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Ttl -^ rH CO CO rH C<l QO • C<l <M CO Oi
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Aeti<>l()j;i(! des Friichttodes in der Geburt. 8^.
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February, 1899, for a very loud tinnitus aurium with moder-
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the hollow bronchial tree, are spat up ; somewhat like bunches of
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system. We took occasion once before to refer to this
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Dosage and Administration: Apply sufficient quantity to cover
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able to all the people. To shorten the lag between discov-
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destroy the activity of the virus. A thorough scrubbing with soap and
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diphtheria. On the sixth day the membrane still cov-
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ed, certainly not in the acute stage. If resolution comes
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The Board will then proceed to appoint members to existing
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almost always, like the su])inator longus in the arm, being spared. In
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the person referred to had nine or ten hysteric spells
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but his belief did not change tin; importance of the
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that he thought the neck was well. Ten weeks later it was
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which most probably led to the ultimate cause of his early death. After
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1000 c.c. of water was taken at each of the three meals of the day.
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Mr. Birch removed an enormons quantity of the substance which
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type. When the base is involved, cranial nerve palsies occur. Those most
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reached, the area of superficial precordial dulness advances more rapidly
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the vascular supply of the larger limb, by bandaging or lacing the
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