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ventricle had become obliterated and hydrocephalus had resulted ; the

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In February and March, 1891, Welch and Abbott published the

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o'clock a. m. At this time a very large passage occurs. The

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disappear under the influence of continued pressure. In

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comed. An evidence of the consistency of the stick-

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were found in valvular vegetation. In both cases, liowe\'er, the

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although occasionally death is brought about by inanition, which should

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ing an imperforate anus, the bladder must be emptied ;

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has to be based will be found to be clearly and tersely put. In his

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body. Its dimensions when fresh were seven inches long, by four and a half

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patients in such a condition on the use of digitalis, which very

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cases in which no puerperal infection could be demonstrated the

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The sweatino; is the most striking and persistent feature of the disease.

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other requisites observed until the inflammation be removed, or the limb becomes

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tlietii' ophthalmia. Am. Pract., Louisvilli', 1884, xxx, ii5-

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disease that the practitioner cautions the subjects of chronic

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symptoms, except the stiffness of the muscles, passed

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Cornil reported that experiments were being made to test this question,

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Petit," says Prof. L., "was the first, in 1727, to show the influence of injury

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close. In both cases tlie winging of the scapula seemed to be more due to

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Retired generalist with experience in general, occupational, and

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with Germanic patience, has only succeeded in displaying a

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has filled an important place in the profession of this

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A rigorous fluid diet, giving the kidneys a minimum

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in connection with placing the limb in a perfectly straight

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gastric plexus, from the 2d, 3d and 4th, sacral nerves,

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in which the entire kidney participates more or less in the morbid process. Another

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ty of men to a species of superstition, that they must have me-

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jimong pathological workers, and no man can say where it

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end of August, it was common to see sixteen or twenty soldiers,

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seemed to me quite convincing. It is assumed that once the red cells

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difficulty before the introduction of the spectroscope.

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ferred to by Dr. Reynolds. One was a case of delivery

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