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L. Borden, Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Sam Hughes, Sir
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16th, Dr. George A. Slocomb, of Worcester, Mass., and Miss
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larly concern us as food-stuffs, although they do enter
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case which Dr. Dana had read. Dr. Rodgers had been on
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less of the all-around man, less self-reliant and equal
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reported the case of a man, who, with a view to self-destruction, took
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Chemical substances are said to be incompatible with
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carbolic acid to the oil until white feathery crystals begin
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The delegates shall receive their appointment from perman-
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and strong drink to him who is ready to perish." But as
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of cases it seemed irisufiicient. lie then tried ioduratcd pomades, and
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twenty-four hours after first complaining of stiffness of the neck and difficulty
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Incidence of B. influenzce in Convalescents and in Normal Individuals.
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and frequent, is not rare. Hemorrhoids are also likely to occur. The urine
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expelled. If the discharge is attended with severe pain
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breathing when at 10 per cent of oxygen. He fainted the first time
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toms, and produce death by accumulating in immense numbers.
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The duodenum is subject to become inflamed by impurities
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galvano-cautery, because some years ago I took a similar attitude in regard to
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of her room secures all the benefits to be derived from
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the muscles during life, had persisted after death : it had passed into what
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this brief sketch of the history of medicine if some refer-
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ple is in a constant state of moisture, in this way softening
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Syphilis as a Factor in the Production of Cardiovas-
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This tumour had a constriction near its base and its measurements
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description is also given of the finer structure of the nerve cell. As
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vaccine having taken ; the arm round the vaccinated part presented
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removed by sifting, was baked in a shallow thin iron dish
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drops, repeating it in two hours, and then adding by one drop, at each

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