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the younger son of the old Arbuthnott family, became part of the

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formed a cecal colostomy ; this was followed by daily injections

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mesmerism. He became acquainted with the so called cata-

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cities. About the time of the dcnlh of Dr. Rush, typhoid diseases were

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phylactic, Abortive, Curative, Palliative, Hygienic and Sustaining Measures^-Considerattoo

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retching and vomiting are instantly excited. There is also .

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because it possesses diarplioretic and antipyretic properties^

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being able at all to use this or any other club, and yet one of that club's

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With every heart beat the blood is forced into the lungs, where

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the lowering of temperature ; their action is more serviceable

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among them, maintain the specific distinctness of the two varieties of

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pears that if a living child were removed from the outlet after the death of

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was then placed in bed, the head of which had been raised 30

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of the current number of the Century Magazine, a denun-

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it may be due to gross obstruction of the portal vein, or if terminal to

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be slowly administered. In severe cases, especially

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if we ought to get stirred up in this matter, and have a little

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have never pushed myself into a position that others were willing

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strength, and digestive disturbances. In amte lyyelitis there is sometimes

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the cavity of the uterus, says : " I take it to be absurd to pro-

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In 1886 Dr. George Turner's (London, Hug.) experience, obtained

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That it should have cropped up in our columns shows how

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put at rest as regards cancer, A mouth-wash of sodium hyposulphite

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as cold cream, is sufficient to prevent spreading of the process. If the

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cholm, there had been an nnosaal amonnt of destitution and suffer-

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screwed into M, but promptly removed. R, the container fitting 8, all

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