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rhage from excoriation or sloughing of blood-vessels." (South-
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cases in the second quarter 4S died, or 57.8 per cent. In the third quarter,
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to his work as a carpenter. He had such severe pain
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cms case Dr. Garland had also found antimony in the evacuations during
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2. That the eye symptoms, in a certain number of cases, pre-
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Besides the cases which I shall report below, I would
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the peritoneum, as well as those of the inguinal and femoral regions,
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the disease has a tendency to syncope. We must also not hesitate in having recourse to tbe
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and since we have seen that the excretor substance is evolved during
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vices of the Paris hospitals, I have been able by using this process
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animal, so as to interrupt both the arterial and venous
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lution of the uterus and vagina from impediments to the
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tion, which occurs just as it does in the parasites of man, is observed
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photographing the larynges of those accustomed to the
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aspects. If an individual who has always enjoyed good health is suddenly
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ject; not enough that is valuable, in fact, to compensate the reader
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says, that " in foetal life the air-vesicles are lined with cylindrical cells re-
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who had been delivered elsewhere. The two facilities had
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An important point in these cases is as to the significance of globulin
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1896, xxiii, 1233-]2;36. — Bergcr (P.)' Sur I'opSratiou
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who have died of measles, is capillary bronchitis, which has sometimes
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intestinal lesions were absent, though we have, in a few instances, detected
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canal, the lumen of which was markedly narrowed. Anterior
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sure of a rope or fingers when one is hanged or strangled. In
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blue, and the copper is partly precipitated on boiling. As a general thing,
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is transferred to a vessel containing alcohol, where it may be kept until required
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been long in use before his time, and which has found nume-
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local process and abates the symptoms of general toxaemia. These
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The most common seat of the pain is 2 to 3 inches to the right of the median

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