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felt well until about 7 p.m., when the convulsions re-

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Nearly all modern treatises on gynecology have been written from a purely sur-

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table taken from the transactions of the Illuminating Engineering

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haemorrhages, and swelling or softening of the nerve fasciculi

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predisposition is from six months to five years of age, and over half

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blend into the halves of a blessed pair. By mpulated appliance to deliver the anesthetic

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following conclusions drawn by Dr. Negrier : — 1st, that scrofulous

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ant beverage, that will more fully quench thirst, without producing a deleterious effect,

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and suggestions will be based, having, as we trust, induced our reader to

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manifest the true cause of the death. It is a common

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have become, relatively fatter from month to month, the

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appeared ; from these facts, therefore, as well as from extensive personal observation and

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of such experts as Welch, Vaughan, Zinsser and Emerson, and

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the clavicle is a ready means of breaking it. because it

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(1.3%), urinary tract infection (1.3%), rash (1.3%), and myocardial infarction (1.2%).

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done in the surgeon-general's office, regx-etting that appropriations were inad-

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medullary carcinomata. The alveoli and the individual ceUs are some-

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one case containing an excess, in the other a deficiency of the

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tures of the posterior mediastinum. In particular, however, this tumor

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powers depend ? In other words, does the gastric juice act upon the

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J. Ernest Leuzinger, D.O., M.Sc., F. I. S. O., Attending Bronchoscopist;

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and their recommendations are adopted by the Council, those

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factory anesthesia as it does with cocain, and longer than

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lignantly in country places than in cities, and are more destruc-

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the blood play a much greater part in the causation of mental

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scanty by free perspiration or diarrhoea. (3) When the acidity

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interfered with. Indeed, the introduction of the stethoscope,

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phyfician, Dr Fritze, has only feen a fever of this fort once during the

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cous membranes, where the drug was applied on a pledget of

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fleet downwards from Cawnpore to Benares, from August 27

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