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Satin .', ''■'^T^^'^ " '>'^'*^™ i° conformity with

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tion her condition, but if it was mentioned she would

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of the medicine to pass beyond the line which has been already

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cell’s brush border and loss of lectase. This can lead to a

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" In the second class, we find the patient attacked with

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signs of venereal action — particularly in an active form — no hesita-

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cosis, because no tetanus is produced by a rapidly interrupted induced

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attain such end, most hospitals are still in a process of develop-

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ration — whether Charcot's disease, as described by him, is ever

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we must, on the other, and for the same reasons, doubt its authority for

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OF War in America. All these cases, which are reported

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the left side of the face, supervening on a verminous fever.

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lactic has been used, and also some arrangement for the hospital

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discrepancy can be no coincidence — whether it depends upon the

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incision had exposed the lower margin of the eleventh rib. Professor Simon,

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could result in a portion of the physician’s reimbursement

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of towns, the sewage or harmful substances ofwhich are emptied

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tard-plasters and flying-blisters are serviceable, but the mistake should

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long, narrow, and irregular in outline and commonly superficial. They

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this important viscus recovers its tone. Serious injury or disease of

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tion. This was simply one of those border-line cases on which the

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it, we really cannot see why the person whose life is

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Sharpe, the Lawrence of his day, had for some time lectured in

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Hovj to Get There. — Purchase a ticket for Winnipeg from the

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even when reduced with cocaine. Right nasal fossa normal.

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longer; it was, however, found necessary finally to omit the zinc,

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work previously begun. The series will be large enough, I

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the conclusion that these cases present no distinct clinical picture, and

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the same ; further, that similar notice be sent at each

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knees, so as to cover them with crusts and sores. She ceases to sleep

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than the acquired variety. Although never robust, many times those affected

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