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nament the names of so many modern cultivators of the science.

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of compulsory intermingling of widely differing cases of mental

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fifevre typhoide. ludepend. m6d.. Par., 1896, ii, 41.—

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tenant-Colonel) J. M'Millan, M.B.Glasg. (1908), R.A.M.C.

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by friction with a cold mitten, a cold towel rub or a cold wet

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been said of the essentially mental nature of the symptoms of

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a powder, by insufflation, contribute at least to comfort. The solution of

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" The homoeopathic writers seem to regard diseases as material

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tremum deducehat. Qui ubi praiputio lapidem appn.pinquasse sea-

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distinguished Professor Sir Charles Hell, be may recall to memory the

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of truth rendered infinitely more probable by the colhsion of so

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■ In writing this article the anthois who have been chiefly consulted, and whose

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into the field of operation, and 4 to 6 silkwormgut sutures

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are being fairly manifested;— in other words, till she is marriageable;

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the first step had yet been taken towards the proper

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ages cannot be overestimated. After careful physical ex-

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offers a greater or less resistance to the development of

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of the normal, which would put the foot upon the ball in

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The Excretory — on the cutaneous surface we notice efflorescence or eruption,

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dium Chloride In single-dose plastic containers. In

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with running streams of lymph and blood. Another reason suggesting

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infection. On the whole question he confessed to doubt as to the safety of the

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thought he understood of the development of mammals. The main

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of corpora lutea. The article is especially vahiable,

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in the same volume of the 'Army Beports/ which contains the

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water to the feet. Keep chamber cool and well ventilated.

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ning at tiie proximal end of the varicose portion and

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it should so often arrest the abnormal and leave the normal almost or

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the knee, while not more than fifteen per cent, die after

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