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sary to repeat the oil and the laudanum alternately more than

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ture of bicarbonate and sulpburet of soda, rivals the world-renowned

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public-spirited undertaking. Let the contention be as to who

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done is, by manipulation, to pass the head over the posterior

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Doctor at the time said that he wondered if he could save the

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female complaints, and one each for the eye and ear,

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Embolism. — Embolism of the hepatic veins is uncommon, and can

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excess of the spare habit in the males, and hence the general average

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are common ; the pulse unequal, becoming small and weak.

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Who wants to spend $800 to unite with a losing group

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diagnosis is imreliable, except to show whether or not an indi-

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always corrected the ametropia at the time and before

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Director, Headquarters Deftartment of Texas, San Antonio,

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dissected ; a sharp knife and a strong pair of sharp-pointed

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septic inflammation. To produce such effects, i.e., to paralyze

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under discussion. In addition to the causal agencies above named,

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Society was held at Hampton, Iowa, April 11, and the follow-

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Observations and notes on Widal's reacti(m. Australas.

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Citation for Meritorious Service from the President’s Com-

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vance the dignity of our calling in the eyes of our students are worthy to be

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for the character of its a<lvertistnnents, that the management will

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symptoms, reminding one of the " crisis " in acute pneu-

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case of the organism under consideration, from its general morphology,

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Medical Profession will be presented for considera-

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remedies embraced in the Thomsonian System, and the

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but little benefit ; hence, in most cases, there is little to do but have

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spas every summer have been obliged to try and find a sub-

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biographical history of his friend. Having placed in his hands all the

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reduction of tension and consequent alleviation of pain. The discharges

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much emphasized in typhoid of adults by W. G. Thomp-

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the hand and carpus will be driven en masse upwards, as the resultant

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as important a part in conveying wave-impressions as the mem-

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