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fore, that even over three million doses sold each month

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difficulty blocked up by effused lymph, and by which any

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followed by marked cyanosis, pain in the neck and head ;

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a slight degree of the pulsus paradoxus without any of the

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wound broke down after union had taken place. The pa-

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proteins, has been found in neutral red by Miss Annie Homer (1917).

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and bubonic plague gave impetus to the endeavor. Efforts centered

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absence of strife, produce almost no aggressins. When mutually

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Furthermore, the rates of growth appear to be proportional to the

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On the Institutes of Medicine — Gallup and Curtis.

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of cases of the disease, and the patients were all healthy people

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practically to l)e my ex[)eri( nee with tumor.*- of thischii-s.

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Philip Henry Pye-Smith, M.D. Lend., 8, Bridge- street,

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appreciable part of the tuberculosis that affects man is

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way. In the chest, aneurism will be principally known by an

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tilated, but so arranged that drafts will not strike the birds.

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tucky School of Medicine. Rokitansky, of Innsbruck,

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would only temporarily deprive about ten per cent, of the pro-

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respiratory murmur seems deficient. Inspiration on right base

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for his benefit, and equally he can sway those votes

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gencies; but, if we have a knowledge of right principles,

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uterine tissue. When, with advancing years, the periodical recurrence

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normal weight in the male being 9, and in the female 8, ounces,

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it in children of 3, 5, and 7 years old. This deposit is, how-

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takes place to any considerable extent during the course of the experiment.

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Stertorous breathing. (2) Opium Coma: Pinpoint pupils (unless

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laxis. The nature of the disease, as to whether or not it is a germ-

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September, 35 suppositories; 4. Macula, 22d July to

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after quinine, making cinehonine and cinehonidine of

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