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have not been observed ; but if a mosquito which has fed on blood
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and for those about them. The author has heard of one case in which
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ductions from mathematical investigations as to what has been
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bile, or some of its constituent principles, are the agents in eflfecting this
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Mr. Guthrie, but first performed by Dr. Parker, of New York, was executed
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to be crowded out. Then, near the line, transport by travois
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Typhus abdominalis mit Bbitserumvou Typbus-Reconva-
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classes" being able to obtain speedy help and relief
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house dust mites— III. Antigens and allergens of body and fecal extract of Dermato-
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essentially in not producing in the individual a principle
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from whom he had removed the scapula five weeks pre-
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ing what he wishes to effect with as little internal medication
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the practitioner, in all cases which present the symptoms of these affec-
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junctiva disappear. Neuberg contends that amyloid material is absorbable,
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condition of the birth-canal and presenting part must be consid-
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neck are not affected. The muscles of the face are motionless, the
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of other parts of the intestine is much rarer than that of the rectum.
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was abated, but a few months (Feb., 18T0) after the
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cues, while the peripheral arteries are extensively degenerated, the
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sion is correct, that the transformation of the erythrocyte into the
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pigment granules arranged in wreath form at the periphery of the
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bore the following inscription : — " Presented to J. W. Kay,
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plantation is evident within a few weeks after the bandage is
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20 or 30 candidates arriving from distant cities in
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tite, a feeling of dulness, depression, and discomfort ; in short, of symp-
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unusual character, leading at first to tlie diagnosis of some
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lit of curative treatment, and, being conservative, is only to be kept
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inquiries to Dept. 17 In care of the Journal. ml0-3
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what to do until he possesses the confidence born of knowledge.
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Squibb's fluid extract, or what is perhaps still better, a solution of his
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Temperature chart in a case of varioloid (Fig. 1) 40
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place in cases of poisoning in which narcosis was not
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nephritis, or result from the passive congestion of chronic
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high standing of Dr. Taylor giving his sanction to a pro-

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