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231-239, 1 pi.— Grubcr (W.) Ueber den Musculus plan-

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79U.— Coslsi (T.) Kesi zioni' dcU' articolazionc scapolo-

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portion of the city of Toronto, where Ague is now scarcely heard

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ponent societies in the House of Delegates of this Asso-

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Frericks claims the line of dulness posteriorly in hydatid disease to be a curved

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Thoma-Zeiss. This consists of a glass slide, in the centre of

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we can, says Adami, explain the graver forms of Bright's dis-

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education. The state through the university undertakes to fur-

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Between the cutis and the fascia superficialis lies upon the

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then I should press the use of mercury. But in this case, as in

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mental" children. The first of these, born six years

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whom he casually found himself, to the community in which

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did not a£fect the circulation in any appreciable manner. — Experiences sur le Circula-

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Plasmodia of malaria. Proc. N. York Path. Soc. (1893),

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site we must also admit its continual propagation, and it is

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1. The Comoiittee beg leave to lay before the Coimcil a table, compiled

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Pathogenesis of the Bacillus Proteus Vulgaris (Han-

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positive women. Durant, OK: Essential Medical Infor-

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the tincture of the chloride, the pill of the carbonate (Valleix's

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amount— this statement to be submitted to the Committee of Manage-

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Officers under the Board of Guardians, and occasionally

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ject closely connected with the progress of science and the

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The affection tends to destroy life quickly by apnoea. The object of

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Case II. — C. K , IV-para, aged thirty-seven, six

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prudence, both theoretically and practically. In regard to the first,

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Tables ihomng the Nwnerical RelaiioM of the Cases and Deaths by Typhoid and Common OontinMed

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acids, as well as the benzoate of soda, have all been tried without benefit,

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stories and "jests went round the merry board," and somebody

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Brunneer," "Uebor Wundsoharlach," Berlin. hUn. \Vochcn><chrijt, 1895, No. 22.

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First loss of sight two years ago, in left eye, during an at-

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Latest age for pregnancy. Fecundity. — Dr. Duncan concludes, from his

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the part of the prescriber, and is brought about usually

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at her second confinement. The pains were regular about once in three

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inHt., Dr. T. W. Corwin will proHent a cane «if complete bony occlusion

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given condition. This is not due entirely to better

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in action." The comparison is an excellent one, and it serves to contradict

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