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correlation, or to speak of the obscure impulses of that wandering plague, as

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distinguishing any particular epidemic, which so largely determine

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valid, for coeliotomy could be immediately performed

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two inches long and of a finger's size. The fimbriated

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interesting and instructive address on the Business Side of the Pro-

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Clinics every Tuesday and Thursday, from V/ 2 to 2]/ 2 P. 31.,

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heard from all sides, so that this scientific brigandage shall

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live, healthy tumble-bugs, introduce them to the public

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mencement of this essay ; the subject of uterine hemorrhage is so in-

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disease arises primarilv neither in affections of the cere-

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ment, and possibly over-development, of lymphatic vessels forms an im-

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tions which required the preliminary examination to

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is forced into the bronchium, but if it has been of some standing

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The skin should be rendered active by placing the patient

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the Profession at large. An extraordinary meeting of the

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the sympathetic nerves and ganglia. The question of

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institute— but did not succeed, as the Government was not

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these limits. Thus m the case of A. bifurcatus some larvae caught

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diagnosis of the nature of the malady. In calculus the

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covered bacilli in the tubercular diseases of man and of animals,* and that he

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We come now to the consideration of the influence upon the

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original in the Spectator on which it was based. Stevenson's plan

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to a reflex ocular neurosis, for I have had cases of

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Despite its wide distribution, large size, and predatory

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vaccinated to be 32 per cent, while among those who

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probable course of all the eastern epidemics which travel west-

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tigating this case. In those diseases that baffle our efforts by their ob-

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Sfn \i n G ™ Ves \ disease accelerates metabolism.

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KELEKET will also show a line of accessories and supply

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was no longer reckoned an incurable malady, and that the medical profes-

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