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essary motion of the joint, and the head of the bone may be drawn
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8. Cavalie. Jour, de I'Anatomie, Paris, 1S9S, xxxiv, 199.
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a large mass of induration was found below the caecum, into
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solutions of atropine, a compress of cotton imbibed with the
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acid and nitric oxide. Its salts cannot be made by direct combi-
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excited one another to perform noble deeds. Sioiple as was
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allowed the drug which he is addicted for about seven to
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Death Brainnealthy — Desquamative nephritis . . 999
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days, when he can do nothing. Under treatment. — At first, interval
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3. Finest Royal Blue. Nitrate of copper 3 oz., water suf-
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1. Incision, 1^/^ inch in length, along the radial side of the
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of the abdominal rings and canal, is to be treated like the fore-
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operating for prolapsus with the clamp and cautery, and being,
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affinities required for his artistic design that which could not
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reason, but rarely emplo^-ed ; so that there remains
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bones was possible in all directions. There were numerous
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the want of success evidently depended on the same cause in
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increased in 2 years from 665 to 840. The male students at Bern
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improve; on it — that laboratory of the imagination — depends
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accomplished, and the i)hagocytes disappear to undergo the same
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who died with valvular disease, both aortic and mitral,
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Dr. Faequhar Buzzaed said that he obtained an extensor response in the
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nancy. As a consequence of the suggestiveness of this obser-
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or inspired by adults, six or seven times a Long and Mr. Gill. The two last named
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dren's Hospital did not differ essentially from that followed in the
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of meeting with many distinguished persons, and of adding to his store
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troublesome complication. In the upper limb severe lymphangitis with foci of
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Dr. Albee on the Vis Medicatrix Naturae ; Dr. Greene on Ovariotomy, on
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was examined by Dr. Thomas E. Satterthwaite, Decem-
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small vessels. It is also said to hasten the secretion of plastic
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