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ened wires of equal resistance ; if the temperature of one

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to the pharyngeal mucous membrane. I have not employed the

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number and intensity of the lines or frequencies in the bac-

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no very distant dav this operation will rank with that

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pernicious anemia is equally applicable to the lucemias.

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to proprietary infant foods, Medical Milk Commissions, etc.

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places as follows: Dr. T. L. Magee, San Diego; Dr. F. M. Casal,

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from its pathological manifestations. They have spit blood or had

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considered. The physician may assure the patient of the absence of any

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Kimber and Conrad, Bradford and Inskeep, T and W Brad-

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practically true. At best stomach chemical analvsis can only be

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gentler treatment that I gave it. If I had my life to live over

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claim to a hearing, and science, sooner or later, grants that

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1890, 1-21. — Russell (F. H.) An epiileinic. septicemic

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Smoking in stables, or in their immediate vicinit>', is prohibited.

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local disease, the poison emanating from without, and the blood poisoning

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the body, in the articular cartilages by preference ;

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two died. One of the deaths was caused by a second intussuscep-

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all three cases the malakin produced a good effect in from three

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following results at the MuterniU during a period of sixteen

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cerebral excitement, and notwithstanding the uterine irritation,

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home. There his state of panic and excitability has greatly in-

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on all negro patients dying in the Georgia Asylum for

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dilution of the blood — an accident quite impossible in hypodermoclysis or

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opportunity to observe several cases of the one under consid-

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nessed against, as a defendant in a malpractice case. Any man, it

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alone is affected, the paralysis is limited to the diaphragm, unless the con-

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the needle into the lower and outer portion of the vitreous

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taken from it, and was " capable of curing green wounds and the tooth-

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of the lesion and the absence of any evidence of syphilis (scars,

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of body to be 16 inches gauge, best quality sheet steel.

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adult should weigh as many kilos as his height in centimeters exceed,

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"With such slowly absorbed infiltrations, especially in the lower lobe,

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