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diseases. An atonic, relaxed heart will be unduly stretched by

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duces its own antitoxin; passive immunity is that brought

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" Herein, however, two cautions are required : one, that they do

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subacute meningitis (especially in children), pregnancy and disease of the

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although such method innst be admitted as theoretically possible.

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spasms to which she had been subject for several months,

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this plan it would be difficult to keep up a supply of

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the skin, and left there for five minutes. In some cases the use of the constant

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warmth of, the upper extremities will thus be induced. In like

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of an electric arc is 3 mm., but the distance between the

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while there can be no doubt that the specific poison is contained in the feces,

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insane, the defective and the criminal. An earnest plea is

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esophagus, chronic diarrhea, etc. Rosenbach's reaction should be

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Df the disease, without any previous knowledge of the

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one or many times ; but they had either a long and tedious illness, terminating

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structure of the body become more sure. Nor do I believe

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to be torn and would probably bring great pressure on the

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eyes of the morbid anatomist. In a specimen of the latter

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(60 miles) in one day. In a relatively large percentage of the

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in establishing the fact to my own satisfaction in three

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ways for cases of contracted pelvis, usually due to osteo-

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and ribs of the left side, and the whole extent tender upon pressure.

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day, June 7, to participate in an all-day round-table

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Henderson, ^^ in the most recent papers on the subject, reports

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