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are still distant from their ideal, to a desire to expose and abrogate

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position, together with sleeplessness and want of rest, had very much pros-

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our disposal to arrive at a correct solution of the difficulty ;

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and the })atient had an apathetic appearance, but with all was cheerful,

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thought preferable to class them by themselves. During the same

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the ascending colon. Kidneys twice the normal sixe,

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The functions of the different segments of the cord are given on page 1009.

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the same rules which govern other men. The profession of medicine

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and inferior. Tliey serve to protect the eye and to

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portion of patients die from hematemesis, and that in spite of the

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Differential Diagnosis. — ^The onset must be distinguished from that

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nature that came under my observation was that of in-

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peace-time diet was too abundant and that the people are accustoming

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of the heat reaching the kindling-point. Damp com, barley, or oats will

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his opinion, to diminish their number, was to give the

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owing to the difficulties of its production and its dearness. Petro-

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than the free use of chlorate of potash, mur. tinct. ferri, and sul. quinia.

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February 24-25— Case Studies in ECG Interpretation and Ar-

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results, and I feel sure that the scepticism which exists

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which soon increases in size. On the thu-d day, the

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selves. The relief to the pain is usually very prompt, but how it is effected

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the bladder and bowels, and also into the true skin or

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symptoms rapidly subside, the functions of the various organs are restored,

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to deal w^ith such acute accidents as hemorrhage or perforation or

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very numerous; in addition to those arising from his

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resorted to. While practiciug medicine in the South

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a canal may be tunneled through the lung into a bronchus, and through

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with cuticle, which does not differ from that which is natural. The tumours

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Aseptic and infected hydronephrosis. — In these conditions, the chief

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as possible. Participation was for one week, but the study

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These are typical cases of the spontaneous active inversion

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associates in the Physo-Medical College, at Cincinnati, Ohio, has

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