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demanded. If adhesions occur or have occurred and reaction follows,

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abstain from giving him any assistance. Such men, instead

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tated by diarrhoea or haemorrhage. Pernicious anaemia is somewhat more

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to each dose of ergot appears to act favorably in hastening the

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subservient even to the luxury and demoralization of the

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free sale of, intoxicating drinks, and are little satisfied with

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Resort was had to eminent counsel in Philadelphia, by whose opinion our

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little which angle comes uppermost, as the three constitute a "triple

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into it ; but at the same time we can hardly suppose

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inspection. The board may refuse certificates to applicants guilty of

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And on the other hand when we come to study the forms of

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that it confirms the idea of a vascular origin of the disease, in-

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companies are indebted for the construction of the American Table of

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explanation of the improvement was they had the proper

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A trace of albuminuria and icterus are present during the next few

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had herpes on his forehead, got much relief from pain and itching

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would be built up until, step by step, the tetiology of this obscure malady would

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fibrous varieties of the same species of minerals are more tough than those

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12,593 in 1864, and 18,739 in 1865. Taking the deaths from

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Bouchard has isolated from the urine two substances which pioduce

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age, gave a history of having had in the course of three

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tagonize it, in the sense of arresting its generation, is to

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certain limits acts upon the nervous system in a manner analogous to cer-

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of classification of simple intermittents into the following forms : quoti-

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Fauquier county, on the 3d of June, 1793.% His constitution being ex-

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complished. Our pride iu him left no room for jealousy

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afforded, the chUd is born apparently or really inanimate. In a more advanced

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country some of the most powerful cold sulphurous waters in Europe,

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incomplete ; under either of which circumstances there will be more or

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part should be freely exposed by operation and the blood clot

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It may be allowed to rest as raw material for a time, but it is

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We might comment still further upon the matter, but

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