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as a rule are enlarged, and there may be some visual disturbances.

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coming head the cranioclast is to be preferred, and for the after-coming

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and progressed rapidly. The medicine was carried up to 24. a day, and lield

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or not. The result was, however, disappointing, and it was evident

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substances possess varying powers of heat absorption. The

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versally, have a show, and many of them a considerable

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mer, again at from ten to thirteen years. After this it is usually un-

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lis6; cicatrices postfavique aux membres inferieurs. Re-

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3. The term " super " for supernumeraries generally has not been

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opening is described at the more pointed end. The con-

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weeks, perhaps months, after violent fighting is ex-

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and others, of venesection in carboxysmus with good

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the too common practice of inviting men with neither special knowledge of

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dose of the Clemens's solution was increased to five drops. She

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chusetts Medical Society has voted to debar from its membership all gradu-

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ration may be made a successful one, and that greater success attends it when

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I. The Periodical : Intermittents and Remittents generally.

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The following list of continuing medical education programs in

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given |.7cfci;il)ly in a ])athological laboratory. I know

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this usually occurs in the pig. The parasites enter the system either by

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all pretty well agreed as to its usefulness and the indi-

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1886, vi. No. 21, snppl. — Code of medical ethics of the

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whilst the fat taken with food was being eliminated, probably unchanged,

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in connection with the so-called typhoid dysentery are very prominent.

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nausea and vomiting. I mention this as possibly illustrating what may

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should at the next stage be ready to apply the principles thug

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