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number of exercises and the number of times each is to be done carefully

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Under the afferent neurones the author first treats fully the various

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imposed on by his attendants, and by the subordinate

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July 16, 1&20. Given dietary directions but is not to use external

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Tlie powers of Local Government Board inspectors are to be

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Senegal and the Congo, L. maculosa Grube 1859 Singapore.

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forgotten while the framework of a sentence is readily uttered, or even a peri-

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iodide of potassium. The specific treatment was stopped for the time being, and

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not representative of the objects portrayed, and those of creatures

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" We know of many occurrences similar to that just narrated.

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practice of obstetrics should be rescued from a position little better

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B}it. Mc-J. Jour., Aug. lSiS2, p. 362, is a paper by Mr.

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citing or outward causes ; for he remarks that, owing to this assumed

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after his acbnission sjnnptoms of delirium set in, and he Avas obli"-ed

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urine. The small amount remaining in the bladder was ab-

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lections shows that several abscesses, at first distinct, have coalesced.

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not be entertained unless there is a definite history of a previous

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€i-DA-p</lii-pus). [Or. Kapidvoc cancer + Poly-

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dence to show that the absence of recurrence under such

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could find no description of a case like it in the published treatises or atlases

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human tuberculosis to be conveyed both by inhalation and

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vical plexus. Other circumstances of this case, and the addi-

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cases. If we go into the question of diagnosis with the physician,

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Berkshire. — Action vigorous; style graceful and attractive.

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tion of a " diathesis ossitica." Within the last few years the

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generally at risk of infection is neither indicated nor cost-effective.

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There occur, however, certain changes in the blood that

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were united so as to retain the sutured stump of the bladder as

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orders such as the measles, the incubation period is

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