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ly stripped up, leaving the tumor clean. No pns was anywhere

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black as ink, and more nauseating than the vilest drug

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of cystitis, pyelitis, or pyelonephritis, and should require an immediate

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In view of this circumstance the stomach of ruminating

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said that the principal types of bacteria used as indices of pollu-

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of the gut into itself, sometimes called intussuscep-

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are pronounced indistinctly ; can protrude tongue and

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ent upon otitis, and yet no connexion between the two

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I'anguillule stercorale; rapports de la prSsence de ces em-

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through an article by Maurice Richardson, on extra-uterine pregnancy and pelvic

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scalp, which is increased by mental work, is raised in certain areas

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Rejiexes. — Knee-jerks present, equal, not active. Tendo

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characters, and surrounded by a layer of condensed pneumonic substance.

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lie symptoms of nephritic colic, constitutes lHhiasis or gravel. The

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tissue ; (3.) To reduce the temperature ; (4.) To sustain the

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and they and their luggage are treated as above stated.

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the patient, is shown by the following letter accompany*

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the presence of a cavity. This sign determines, that the excava-

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The presence of undigested meat in the feces may give indication of

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inspissation of the blood, as in carcinoma of the alimentary tract, the

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be regarded as causes of pyaemia or as consequences ? Again, granting that

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- ) as to produce scarcely sensible effects, have been given for a

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tough fibrous tissue. Tlie abscess varies in size and as to the direction in

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Nodules in the fat remain as circumscribed masses, sensitive to pressure, and

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practising osteopathy is, at least for the purposes of

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to succeed; a very bad thing to fail. You must measure

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comfortable and gradually increase the supply of fresh

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jects tongue fairly, and though the organ does vibrate as a whole, there are

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