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The same quantity of water was injected into the bladder at the

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Now, the companies have not been slow in grasping this

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A priori probability of a tumor originating in the locus minori%

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number of these carriers cause the wide variations observed in

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that in cases of complete dislocation this would be

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too strong for use, and it would not bear further dilution. I

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mosis. External urethrotomy was performed on the day of

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A Case of Purpura and Intense Ansemia, with Marked De-

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contain Veratria, and another similar alkaloid. It used

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the recurrent ascites which are diagnosed as simple chronic peri-

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eries. These statistics show a difference of four per

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reference to prognosis and treatment. The occurrence of chills, greater

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lead poisoning. Some persons in health have a slow pulse rate with-

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institutions at St. Gall, Basel, .\arau, Ziirich were not affected by influenza, in spite

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their complications are practically certain to occur sooner or later

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cations^ should authenticate them with their names — of course,

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It may seem that we offer a rather lengthy notice of Dr.

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lojirned nrticio on this subject by Dr. Bodonbuinor (" N. Y. Med.

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habilitation shall consist of [Members of the Association]

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found the least proof of personal communicability. This is alike true of

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sure was only 95 mm., while in Case 9 (Text-fig. 9) the difference was

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beneficial in restoring the natural tone of the stomach

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an hour ago, sat writhing and trembling in his easy-chair, wringing his

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of the " upward movers " of the left eye be imperfectly developed, a condition

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farther south. Tubercular cases with cardiac complications cer-

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emhonpoint veils a weak state of health, born of scrofulous parents,

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gland who desire that the question should be discussed in a candid way. In

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treat this diseases symptomatically. It is sonally I haven't had any experience with

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