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small arteries which supply the nerve fibers themselves. This
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instability, are inorganic compounds, no matter whether
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states that the air in this tunnel is remarkable for its pur-
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ology, the more apt we are to prescribe drugs? (Evidently the
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far to determine whether a will or deed executed by an alleged lunatic should
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the spinal column ; this is not due to Pott's diseas*^ but
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few instances it was present during the whole of the patient's stay in hospital.
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But somewhat earlier we find well-authenticated cases of
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der the jaw from ear to ear. Universal joints at the back of
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the slightest pressure ; pulse 120, small and contracted ; had been
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always be drawn out, or were too thin to be of service. It
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rubbing the body thoroughly with this once. This has
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ointment fulfils these conditions completely, and it has been
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10* C. ; a piece of hot iron, weighing 100 grams, is pLiccti in the water,
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unnaturally congested, their nutrition was impaired, their
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Hospital on the 20th January, 18<i5, having been recommended to
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site eye (the larger part of the retina being paralyzed, a
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resting muscle, but this does not appear to show itself in the total nitrogen
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severe a test for the constricted artery. Finally, gangrene set
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We recommend the purchase of a copy of the new '' Gray," which
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condition. It was also accompanied by a shower of nucleated red cells
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an enormous discharge of pus followed, and continued for some time,
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this seventh edition. This has permitted the addition of "a sum-
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of temperature which did not reach 38° C. (100.4° F.) except once on
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gested, and serum was effused in large quantity in the sub-arachnoidean spaces, at the
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icw catgut stitches and the muscle-skin flaps are replaced and
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these symptoms of expiring vital force, the wisdom of the
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tion of this third attribute of nervous tissues. The so-
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or warehouse temporarily turned into a hospital. The wounded are sprawled here and there; one
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physician must obtain the history of symptoms and exposure,
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tlie sphincters. The patient was unable to rise, he suffered great
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appetite." Well, is it not better to spoil your appetite, than to
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ity rather from its psychical standpoint than from its physical aspect.
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particularly the lungs, and that the formations in the nasal
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it; but, on the other hand, it is sometimes slight when the

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