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the health and resistance to infection of individuals who
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curetting. 1 have for some years followed the methods
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first six years 0.075 ; for the last five years 0.104. In England and
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Experiments have shown that the secretion of perspiration is
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tion that the right heart contracted twice as frequently as the left.
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quently to be met with in diseases of the he^^vxt, and
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Specimen No. 1734 from the Museum of the London Hospital.^
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this action is most important and often overlooked. In fact,
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of epilepsy belongs to the serum of the epileptics them-
phenergan cream dose old
whether emotions or states of mind, are to be explained in terms of
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appropriate clothing during exposure to the weather
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blood pressure after intrathoracic injections of adrenalin was neither
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President's Address. — The Association was called to or-
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9th. Bowels copiously affected ; tongue whitish, with abrown
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Cleveland has for several years had a higher entrance requirement
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lesions in the lung was still in a state of confusion, and
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tuberance, Pierret in a case of myelitis. Debove appears to
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(except perhaps anatomical position), I have not observed, so do not discuss them.
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5. Hematomyelia from Sudden Compression. (Caisson Dis-
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appeared in others; wherever manifest, it developed sub-
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would most certainly reach the surface of the dressing in a
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individual patients, but also by the general appearance of the diphtheria ward,
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just below the mucosal epithelium, with occlusion of the
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patients {Correspondenz-Blatt fur Schweizer Aerzte, March,
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per cent loss of strength, of itself does not neces-
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a bronchial catarrh and mild pleurisy. The urine was absolutely normal.
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of the high regard in which he is held by his confreres.
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affections of the bronchial tubes. I first learned its
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