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13. If it has been necessary to remove the whole of the as-

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yeast fungus which have hitherto been regarded as cancerous.

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— During the recent sittings of the examiners the following

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hours. No appreciable action was noticeable except all absence of hardening

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derived from these different parts of the inflorescence.

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It would have been easy to wait until the fire should

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1871, has remained too long without receiving our notice, and

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tificial feeding that is a part of the system in rearing

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The quantitative determination of amino-acids is particularly useful, espe-

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demand for more alcoholic stimulus and the abject fear to cease.

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attempt at a philosophical investigation of the disease. He

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will carry it over any stumbling block created by my short-

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scarlet fever, but he had seen it oftener as a sequel of measles.

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" If, then, it i3e true that even the most desperate cases of membranous croup

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ratory and expiratory muscles situated within the trunk.

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tinued until the dilatation is overcome; it may be conveniently combined with

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the most useful weights being about 200 grams. Among the pigs

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sometimes hastily formed from imperfect data, but this is no imputation on the

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weaken the patient. With plenty of pure water, fresh air,

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ing an established routine, will prevent 80 per cent of the rejections

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them to my professional attention, and I, afterward, had

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fixed. The left ovary was normal. Severe tenderness

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the dura, arachnoid, pia, and cortex, the approach to the abscess may

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be hamiatoidal, and occasionally malignant. It presents a rounded,

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In the last dog experimented on by Professor Bruecke, the contractions of the

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than the defect itself. In determining the place of this

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lessened the amount of neuritis, but this had to be repeated several times before

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