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unsatisfactory for practical reference and arouse dis-

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more clinical and direct, so should the study of phy-

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as our present Ivnowledge will admit. — Cincinnati

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is true that physical abnormalities are more frequent

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tive qualities. This milk he stated, would if used, prevent many of the diseases of

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recorded, but might conceivably be met with in lesions of either anterior

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the important subject of extra-uterine foetation. This forms one

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small- pox by vaccination. It is too true, that great prejudices

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patient returned to her home, and Dr. Knapp informed

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fifth week the papilla of the same contracted and sank; and in the sixth week

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tumours were found in the peritoneum, in the mesenteric glands,

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twenty-four hours. There had been no evidence of stone or

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of Her Majesty's Bengal Army, to Maria Theresa, daughter of A. Bonar,

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• \"on Noorden: Die Zuckerkrankheit und Ihre Behandlung, p. 44,

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This increased and increasing cleanliness was beginning to be, and

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Case XI I L — A case of spontaneous rupture of the ab-

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bility accompanies the diagnosis of affections of the

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certain change in the polarity of cells about to be

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rather a free liver, but without excesses of any kind. The fam-

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theory which suggested the use of opium is true. I found

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water gotten from a well. The high school suffered much from the fever and had

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fered from headache. Her general appearance and the form

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Be assured of genuine Listerine by purchasing an original package.

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In the case of a lady on whom he had to do a colopexy, and

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in one-half tumbler of cold water; take one tablespoonful every

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Is the cerebral cortex unduly stimulated especially in

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eight were sick with the pestilence. Thirty-five deaths

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thirst is considerable, and large quantities of nutritious fluids

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