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fortnight later the paralysed leg and arm began to get drawn up

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There was a doubt as to how this passive congestion of the uterus is

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ter of puerperal fever and because of the question of preventabil-

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ing briefly the history of esophagoscopy he demonstrated

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carried on at the momentary emergences of the head of the drowning

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houses that had water-closets connected with the sewers. Similarly, Dr.

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substance. The action of the heart is accelerated for a few beats, by exposure of that

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applicant who shall have been returned as having success-

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gastrointestinal disturbances. In all of these diseases the diarrhea is

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is only one to which I wish to call attention. I fully agree with every

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but more common perhaps than these are local spasms either of the tonic

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The clinical examples throughout the volume are very

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are on record Avhere children have been paralysed after a fall or a blow

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be applied gradually and continuously, a much greater extent

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something in the pelvis that you can put your finger upon,

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pathological experiments which they undertook on this point

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clusions already reached, would be of value by adding such con-

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established, and the patient ceases to complain. It is undoubtedly, in many

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of a number of foci of myelitis scattered here and there through the

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taken from recovered human beings and monkeys in such a way

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eption may be relieved by inflation, but it must be tried

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which bile is secreted, or how bile aids in the diges-

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3. By absorption of irritating substances or of products of

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work previously begun. The series will be large enough, I

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The ganglionic cells are more numerously collected in those depots

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