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the use of pills. When, given in the form of a dilution, this is

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or two cases of this kind, I have succeeded in materially improving

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the lower and internal walls of the orbit, and this had

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Lizars, another by Mr. King, the third fell under the cognizance

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cancer a metastasis of the epithelial cells within the

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"The qualification should include on adequate knowledge,

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tion, obstructed breathing, abrasion, ulceration, sloughing, sub-mucous

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etsyph.. Par., 1896, 3. s., vii, 1253-1202.— Hatch (W. K.)

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tine, when hyperhematic, when gangrenous, when perfo-

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between the uterus and abdominal wall, I directed the

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urticaria, dizziness, nausea, chills, fever and insomnia.

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city on the 19th ult. Miss Preston was born in 1814, and

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tricle of the frog's heart, and find that all those exam-

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flexes on the affected side. He was stupid, but could

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appear in the course of five or six days, their contents being

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ninety-eight, two hundred and fifty-one are living and two

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has no tendency to eventuate in exudation. And in the other afTectioni

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supposes, only intermediately, through its actions upon tiie salivary glands ?

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1908. Goodman, Edward H., M.D., Associate in Medicine in the

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ligaments, and carried the knife backwards over the acromion into

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was habitually a full liver, eating abundance of animal food,

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one case, the first cause of death was reported as diphtheria; the second

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cystotomy to check the secondary hemorrhage arising from the separation

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Medical Practitioners. The terms of the motion are quite

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than the fat yet anaemic babies of the factory prepared foods.

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perfectly clear that the water-su|iply of Boston is above

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minutes later another person was brought to the emer-

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