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from true erythema multiforme (to be described in the second volume under

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same process as tliat described for the estival parasites, but it can be

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of Paris, has described the affection distinguished as dermalgia. 1

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day, when temperature became normal and the pulse 92. The

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Provost of Aberdeen. The interest of the bequest is divided

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on. No tissue will hold. You are reduced then, with

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corresponding cat, and it was also the only one in which the minimum lethal

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been established numerous industrial corporations — as tl\e life, fire

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course that is wrong" 3 . If, then, in the preference of one

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drunkard. Her face had a very bloated appearance. She

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Contagiousness of Influenza, Gaz. des hop., 1891, 96. Cross, Phlebitis, Brit. Med.

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Luxembourg to the Observatoire, the Avenue du Bois,

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stomach (and I suppose it is such / in gouty people ; who are then

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med. mod. ital., Bologn.i, 1830, x, 115-130.— Scalzi (P.) In

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seems now to indicate the superiority of opium as a remedy for cere-

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been less satisfactory where would be the $120,000 that the

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and internally to relieve pain; the local application of electricity;

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the general condition, the propriety of continuing them is doubtful. A

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blood there is great danger of embolism. The admit-

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diseases, and employs art as an auxiliary, to be resorted

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days. He said he had been kept awake all the preceding night by

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alimentary canal, what proof does Dr. Bennett advance that the acid

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and a few days' observation would probably remove aU doubt. Prac-

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of itself is suiBcient evidence of tlie hearty appreciation) of the

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this seventh edition. This has permitted the addition of "a sum-

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not genera, are included under the term D. penetrans, and there is

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The exact cause of the disease has not yet been conclusively

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found that for eighteen months he had suffered from tbii

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patients should take hexamethylenamine (from 15 to 40 grains daily

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