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says : In general terms, I may say, neuralgia is the outgrowth
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which can be secureh'.';' ^"-^ PO'"t- Each of these
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instructions to be sent for if the pains came on stronger. He
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result of the reaction following over-stimulation of the
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If the patient regains consciousness, and paralysis of one side of the
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ning of the attack and continued throughout its course, the attack is
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read a table of twenty-three cases of Ctesarian operation performed in these
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the subject matter up-to-date. Advances in surgery come so rapidly that
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Boston City Hospital to the treatment of patients homoeopathi-
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hand, the urine usually contains relatively large quantities, even
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distention of the colon from persistent irregularities of dietary, may
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the form which so often occurs as a sequela of scarlatina it is of
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The examination of his body, as it was reported to me, , dis-
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Secretaries; Truzzi, Calderini, Guzzoni, and Negri,
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tion of the life-saving properties of tracheotomy, when
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currence of the disease, in the same individual, presented itself,
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whole, satisfactorily treated. There were two reasons for this.
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1843, he had written : " It is remarkable how frequently
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from time to time, from day to day, or from hour to hour, according
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be present; in one patient it appeared at the onset. Erythema multi-
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cheesey pus. Tuberculous deposits over the peritoneum were abundant,
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driven out of the aiiK^ells by ^e oedema, and the lung have become
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slightly affected. The disease runs a course of from two to eight weeks,
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massage each day. In ten days he was able to get on horse-
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bronchial asthma, as they may be met with in other diseases as
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plied daily free are 2,585 to seamen, to boys 2,745
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no change. Suppression, however, came on gradually during the last
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conclusions to be deduced from the preparation and study of the tables,
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paunch, which is noticed on left side. Will also keep chewing,
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Jefferson ^Medical College and all clinical professors have been electetl to full
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car¬ętid, and under an ether anesthetic, Chutro ligatured the left common
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frain from grouping them into those which signify acute disease and those
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The method that bears the name of the "Dreyer technic" consists, briefly,
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