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was evidently of a severe type ; the temperature rose to 105°
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a chemical composition closely allied to airol. It is claimed to be
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Yellow Fever in Vera Cruz. — Persons recently arrived
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ch. 13, §16; 1 Hale P. C. H., 34; 1 East P. C, 90; 3 Chitty
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in his own experience of 58 cured ; 34 by one operation,
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«1»^^* ^^1 be drunk. Meat should be thoroughly cooked, but it is not neces-
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Heating the organism at 60° C evidently destroys most of the
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the patient should be kept av^ay from his work for a prolonged
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its normal intensity and purity, it shows that the aortic valve is competent to
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1st. Resolved, That so much of the by-laws of this Society, a9
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stage, is not inoculable by means of vaccination. The argument is neg-
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son's method, contain as much as 500 units of antitoxin per c. c. ; and
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the head and neck. In many cases it is restricted to a constant
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was similar to that shown by the smears from liver and spleen. The
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which, in connection with the general pathology of the disease, we have now to
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prepared by the method already described, and three mixtures were made of it
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swered questions feebly. On admission, he complained of much
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alienists of to-day will doubtless engender but one reply ;
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part of tlie wound. The upper part of it was now quite
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more extensive use of oxygen in lung diseases. It can
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gland who desire that the question should be discussed in a candid way. In
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On Modern MetJwds of Treating Fractures. By Ernest W.
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tion to the known antiseptic properties of arsenic, that the parts especially
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Besides rupture into the lung and external rupture, empyema may perforate
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ease, while, in the latter, the submaxillary glands are
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have. This remark will, however, apply only to the whites ;
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and TIA), and DRG 140,143 (angina pectoris and chest
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assessors, to aid in ascertaining the state of a prisoner's mind
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