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give to the patient and to his friends a forecast or prognosis; so to conduct

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scarce and small. There is probably subretinal exudate, especially

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of the reciprocity of action of the thyroid gland on one hand,

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lieved the meeting was very worthwhile and a report is

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a variety of conditions, the products of destruction of lymphocytes

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tained the size of a goose's egg. etc. The rapid dissemi-

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cranial lesion (abscess, meningitis, sinus phlebitis) which has resulted

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Definition. — By chorea is meant a functional nervous disorder, char-

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upon must begin with the calories from these sources. Cer-

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Six weeks later noticed tumors in left ovarian region. Similar tumors appeared

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The appetite is capricious, and the patient may become anamic

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A case was tried at the Northampton Lent Assizes, 1853 {Reg. v. Gibbins),

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with swelHng of different lymph-glands. Bodnar described 3 such

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fluid, because of the dangers that supervene when the pressure is reduced below

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guide because our own are not considered sufficiently accurate,

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Such instances of placental transmission are of but little importance, according

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All non-vacdnated pupils in the schools of Kingston, Ont.,

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Petros. 200 , Cole 200 , Thuja. 1000 , Sulph. 6000 , Merc, sol. 6000 , etc.

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then, the case has progressed tolerably favourably, with the exception

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of students, since all other partially developed rival institutions, which we

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of a case of this disease. In disseminated sclerosis the intention

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work, and sleeplessness is extremely common, probably the

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and more appropriately, from its properties, a vermicide or ookinete.

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produces any eiFe£l upon a folution of vegetable gum, which is

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far back in classical times, detailed attention to the prognosis of

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Dr. Burrows, ih his Commentaries on Insanity, assij^s as

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prominent physician of Center Co., Pa., died August 16, of

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almost invariably, and usually within forty-eight hours after the initial

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cortical motor centres, which would contradict the general

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