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congratulation, and gives ground for hope of a rosy-hued

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ries constantly, according to the nature of the food. Other dif-

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In measuring the near-point of accommodation, be sure to make

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GM = gentamicin. ME = methicillin, NE = netilmicin, P = penicillin. TE = tetracycline.

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in South American countries, where the price of low-

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Ear Infirmary, to find that diseases of the ear are praC'

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ble to say, but probably much would depend upon the force

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ently limited to the lenticular nucleus, which has been by some regarded

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nature of the spasms and the entire absence of trismus serve to distin-

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The object is to secure unformity of the temperature of the surface, and to

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ently limited to the lenticular nucleus, which has been by some regarded

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close 7'ooms, as in jails, d'c, a course of the oil ofTers the

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has Mr. Matthews not contrived an instrument which answers

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boiled by means of a spirit-lamp. If it contain albumen, opaque flakes

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number of colicky attacks with a varying degree of jaun-

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irritable conditions or loss of control over the motor elements in

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corded a most interesting fact, which demonstrates, in a more

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esteemed to' be the better. They are said to have more

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three cases in which well-marked acute croupous pneu-

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rect ; and this has been (intentionally or unintentionally)

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the food are rendered easily soluble, whilst the alkaline secretions of

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will detect tiiis by sinking into the cheesy material.

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per cent, of all the deaths, or more than any other single

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numerous, and their discussion interesting and suggestive.

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cranium fractured and driven down upon the dura-mater.

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arrangement of the cells prevails, theii' axes being parallel to

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means of which the whole daily quantity of carbonic acid is

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much slower, and only single symptoms, such as patient's fades

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