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soap is to be rubbed in twice daily, for a period of from three to six

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familiar with this morbid condition of the auricle, since

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meal 1 part, wheat bran 2 parts, and crude cotton oil 0.1 to 0.4 part.

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these cases the parents assured him that, very soon after commencing with

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of persons suffer from a certain amount of mental depression

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that attend its existence among a population, render its

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ceived with courtesy by the president and faculty, and afforded every facil-

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to leave it and wait for developments, or would ho, in his

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and its effect is similar to that of morphine. A drug habit might per-

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directly before the window from which the sash has been

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been done. And, above all things, /te sustained no shock. After

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that I had in the pelvis of one of my kidneys a stone of considerable size, which did not

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for that purpose. This committee distributed nearly one thou-

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6. There are many which develop only in certain organs

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them, let us see how far we may venture in our conclusions,

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For me the paludic acces, is the result of the figlit between

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which extend into the pons varolii. Externally, are seated the cor-

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coal has proved a most efiicient agent for effecting this purpose. It is of importance

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children or adults. The tube at the other end to be

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vomiting is frequent, often caused by the great amount of water taken,

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An Indian Surgeon, — The name has been removed from the list of tho

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each hand. Sensation to touch was good. There was no astereognosis.

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pointed out that diabetic coma is accompanied by an abundant deposit of

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of the o-eneral stimulant-narcotic character of the action of

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I have used this method in typhoid fever and pneu-.

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so clearly the necessity of an education of the people in sani-

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with difficulty. Therefore it is useful in diphtheria only

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