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in the second week and may be persistent and excessive in fatal cases.

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considered at the outset. Inoculations were made upon most of

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terior vaginal section for pelvic abscess. In this case

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crease in the leucocytes found in pernicious infections. In these fevers

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and life. There are very few diseases which attack people

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is all that is necessary. Now this ignorance is to be ascribed to the

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the mouth, and also between the stomach and liver of all animals he

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by either heat or small doses of x-rays. In this paper we have

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worked at a disadvantage and in a great hurry upon a patient sometimes

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more heat than the fasting, though less than the fully-fed, healthy, man.

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neous, and highly refractile. But even here, with high micro-

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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to

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exist. The limitation of our present information respecting their

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are bent at an angle to the shaft, and are introduced closed, occupying very

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terial tension, which condition may. as was jxiintrd

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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to

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living in Paris in 1830. Each head was baptised under a separate name. I

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amcmg the Philoso[)hical Transactions. It, however, forced its way

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destruction of lung tissue to even hope of permanent cure. I have

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the same nervous excitement, trembling, and wakefulness, but in a somewhat

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digested. First give % to i pint of Castor or Linseed Oil and 2

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preposterous story, and on this account it is to be regretted that the spook-

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medicine, surgery, and special diseases will be conducted by the

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out of it. Augustine Birrell at the end of his essay on

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the cricoid cartilage, on each side, to the base of the arytenoid.

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H. i. p. 160.— 75. Menzies. Brain, 1893, p. 436.-76. Milligax and Hare, Brit.

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theory which suggested the use of opium is true. I found

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be sorry to think that hemorrhage so frequently complicated labom*,

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