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structure to a greater or less extent. Suppuration some-

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vices within hailing distance. We apprehend that our professional friends

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long as he remained with these friends he continued to improve,

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when present for a short time only. Tube casts may be found but are

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from extension from tuberculous vertebrae, but this like-

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Scotland has a system of caring for the civilization has been made." The burning

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tractions of the uterus and the abdominal muscles. Under

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from the operations. These cases are common cndugli,

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paratus. Can we wonder that under these conditions there is so little

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delirious. During the day his general condition and appearance improved

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is accounted for from the fact that the colored cases were those

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matory affections, in consequence of the relations of the former to the

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rid of, as I have seen when caries of the vertebrae has been arrested.

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is then to obviate this tendency by tonics, nourishment, and, perhaps,

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normal after a time. The theory of the spinal localization of the centers for the

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the hope that my notes of a case and a summar}' of the later conclu-

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feres but little with the functions of the bone, such as

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observers have since been abundantly confirmed, and it is now gen-

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on the brain. J. Fr. ; as if screwed up, in intermittent

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mission an eruption appeared on his face and extended

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in the previous afternoon with a chilliness and a pain in the side and upper

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in 1896, 279 patients were treated at the Reichburg Sana-

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large sponge of suitable size had been more useful ; but he now

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education, let them put an English translation with their articles,

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little face continues and the emaciation progresses, and the

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How to harmonize the above objections I do not know, for it

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pressure he considers as common beneath the diaphragm, if the abdominal

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actual flying experience both at Mineola and at the flying fields.

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afford, I say, a most important subject of meditation for the physician,

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