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The essay of the evening, "Tetanus," was read by Thomas Hunt
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the 9th to the middle of the 17th century ; although
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according to Dr. Gross, the public are beginning to say that
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pression when a student, and had practised it consider-
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destruction of lung tissue to even hope of permanent cure. I have
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there really be any wish on the part of lecturers, we
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The increase of the length of term of the state superintend-
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3-4) the results of an extensive series of observations, demonstrat-
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forms of atrophy under a single heading that it is not of much etiological
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fessionally attended the family of the defendant. On
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of flesh, and, perhaps, a dozen tallow candles into the bargain, as
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Visceral Lesions. — Many visceral lesions which were formerly regarded as scrofula
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the cheek; third. Impaired vision of the right eye; fourth. Loss of
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In a young man of twenty-four years of age the secondary complications were slight,
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seemed to be a Avork of considerable labour. With this there shortly
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existence ; they are poisons, or viruses — animal, vegetable, or mineral,
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No hyperphoria, exophoria 16° to 20°, abduction 18°.
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first was pure, the second in solution, one drachm to one pound
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The author of this memoir, then chief surgeon of the batta-
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Arkansas, Fayetteville, B.S.E., 1982. Medical education,
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uterus^ and the deatli of tlie deceased thereby produced ; thereupon
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Spontaneous Salivation Associated ivith Pregnancy. — Dr. Archer Farr
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upon the skin tumefied by urticaria and lichenified by scratching,
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Case XXIII. — The case of E. J., aged 45, suffering from early tabes, and
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dermic injection of ergotine given by the nurse caused dizziness,
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cerebral embolism, cerebral rheumatism, endopericardo-pleuritis, conges-
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ment that the variation in the estimates of the population
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more frequent, but lefs full and ftrong. A large blifter was applied,
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meals and at bedtime for the first four or five days. The bromide
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that there is lymph effused, and to thint of mercury, and to try to
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longer this is delayed the more easily will the dried skin
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doctor to about six hundred inhabitants in most sec-
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would have the appearance of conviction, however averse I
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be unimpaired, the appetite keen, even voracious, but the rule is that
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him if he is a little garrulous ; personal experience
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suicidal impulse has been well declared, a sudden recovery suggests

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